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User management

Active directory Manage users and groups


Network icon DHCP and DNS servers

DHCP server DHCP server installation
DHCP dynamic IP assignation
DHCP static IP assignation
DNS DNS server installation
DNS server unique zone
DNS server split principle
DNS server split howto

File share

File share File share technologies


Netboot icon This section explains how to setup, boot and maintain a netboot image.


NetBoot and "Thin client" (diskless clinets) principle:

NetBoot services setup:

NFS image setup:

Register NFS image to TFTP:

Alternate Netboot scenario: 'Linux installation': network Linux installation


Mail icon Mail server (SMTP, POP3/IMAP)

Email relay

Email server setup


Monitoring Monitoring IT components, servers and applications using Zabbix

Zabbix server Zabbix vocable
Zabbix server setup - requirements
Zabbix server setup - zabbix installation
Zabbix server configuration - first run
Zabbix server configuration - core setup
Zabbix server configuration - create hosts group
Zabbix create template
Zabbix configure template
Zabbix server - add items to an application
Zabbix server hosts management
Zabbix server - play sound on alert
Zabbix server dashboard
Client side Zabbix agent setup - Recommended!
SNMP client - Old fashion monitoring, but still effective

You can also use 3rd parties dashboard on the server side using DASHING.

Dashboard icon Zabbix modern dashboard using DASHING


I'm using Zabbix v2.2. All the following information are just a practical summary of the Zabbix official documentation applied to my use-case.

Log aggregation

Log aggregation Monitor applications behavior using ELK.

Step Application Usage
0 ELK principle ELK principle What is ELK? How does it works?
1 ElasticSearch ElasticSearch Data aggregation and persistence
2 Logstash Logstash

Logstash grok expressions

logstash configuration examples

Retrieve, extract and send log(s)
3 Kibana setup Kibana setup

Kibana configuration

Monitoring tool installation