Zabbix server configuration - create hosts group

This explain how to create a new group of hosts and set the discovery default.

Create host group

First of all you need to create a new group for your current appliance.

→ Configuration menu >> Host groups >> Create host group

Zabbix create host group

>> You can import template as dependency.

Zabbix create host group 02


Discovered hosts default group

You can set the default group of discovered hosts in: Administration >> General >> Other

Zabbix discovery default group

>> Adjust the Group for discovered hosts

Discovery rule

Create new rule

You can create a new Discovery rule using the "create discovery rule" button. Create a Local network rule:

Zabbix discovery rule

→ Configuration >> Discovery

Then you should have the following settings:

Zabbix discovery rule 02

IP range: your network


  • ICMP ping
  • SSH
  • Zabbix agent

Uniqueness: IP

!!! If you use Zabbix agent "system.uname" as unique criteria you might encounter a problem !!!

  • Dicovery Zabbix agent will bring back the FQDN of the server
  • Template rules are based on the short name of the server

So, with Zabbix agent some template item won't work !!

Set default template

You can set a discovery action to register all Zabbix discovered hosts in a specific template.

→ Configuration >> Actions >> Discovery

Zabbix discovery default template

Then you can create or edit a discovery rule.

  • Tab 1 Action : just put a name, set Enabled and let the default values
Zabbix discovery action tab1 actions

  • Tab 2 Conditions : let the default options
Zabbix discovery action tab2 conditions

  • Tab 3 Operations : set the default template
Zabbix discovery action tab3 operations