NetBoot server

NetBoot using PXE and TFTP. See NetBoot server principle

Setup NetBoot files

Use an Ubuntu ISO image as NetBoot

Download the latest Ubuntu netboot image for the target architecture(s) from:

You have to take the netboot.tar.gz archive.

cd /tftpboot/
mkdir rescue
cd rescue
tar -xzvf netboot.tar.gz
rm netboot.tar.gz

Register files in DHCP server

Edit your DHCP server configuration:

vim /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf

Adjust it like that:

        #### NETBOOT settings 
        # PXE file to serve.
        #   >> elilo.efi   => for ia64 clients; 
        #   >> pxelinux.0  => for x86
        # These files should be at the root of your TFTP server
        # Note: The file name can be add in the "host" section too. Then, the "host" will override the current setting
        filename "rescue/pxelinux.0";
        # set the server that serve this NETBOOT file
        # Ensure that the new client (the one booting) is not stealing someone else IP @
        ping-check = 1;

Mind the "rescue/" in the filename section.

You can always override that setting later on for each host.

Restart the DHCP server

service isc-dhcp-server restart

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