Zabbix vocable

Zabbix has its own vocable.


Zabbix configuration rely on templates. This is the monitoring principle:

Zabbix template principle

  1. A template is a set of applications, items and triggers
  2. Each template has a list of applications. An application is either a specific type of data or a dedicated software.
  3. Each application has a set of items. An item is bound to a specific property or event of the application.
  4. Each item can be bound to one or many triggers

→ A trigger can be bound to items that belong to different applications.

 Example: item X occurred 3 times in less than 10mn, and item Y occurred within last 5 mn.

When all the trigger's conditions are meet it will:

  • Create a specific Zabbix event
  • Set an alarm level. Alarm will disappear automatically when conditions are back to normal


Zabbix action principle

  • Each action is bound to some trigger(s).
  • An action will take decision(s) when its conditions are meet. It can:
    • Run command on remote host (kill application, reboot, etc.)
    • Send emails and alert users

Hosts and groups

  • Each host belongs to one or more groups.
  • Each host group has some templates they apply to their hosts