Zabbix server configuration - first run

First run

Now that the server setup is complete you can, at least, run the web-installer.

Go to http://yourserver/zabbix


Installation wizard:

Zabbix server installation 01

On the next page, everything must be OK. If not, check your PHP configuration !

Database configuration:

Zabbix server installation 02

During the installation Zabbix already setup a database for us! :)

  • Db host: localhost
  • Db Port: 3306 (default)
  • Db name: zabbix
  • Db user: zabbix
  • Db password: your password (mine is zabbix)

Zabbix server details

Zabbix server installation 03

You can, if you want, name your installation. In my case I will not have any proxy or other zabbix server so I didn't used that option.


Zabbix server installation 04

First login

Zabbix server installation 06

Default credentials are:

  • Username = admin
  • Password = zabbix

Server configuration

Increase history

Follow the excellent Zabbix documentation:

Zabbix server configuration files

Main zabbix server configuration file is available in: "/etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf"


Nice tutorial about how to setup emails: