Zabbix server hosts management

This explains how to manage hosts.

Hosts overview

Hosts overview

→ Configuration >> Hosts

Add host

You have to had a host (= machine with a zabbix agent) on the server side in order to monitor it.

1. Go to the Configuration > Hosts > "Create host"

Zabbix add host

2. Now fill the following details of remote host

Zabbix add host - step 02
  • Hostname: Hostname of Remote system
  • Visible name: Name to be display in zabbix
  • Group: Select the desired group for you host
    • You should use Linux at least
    • You can create your own groups and classification as well
  • Agent interface: Fill the info of Zabbix agent running on host
    • Select the IP option instead of DNS. That will avoid some conflicts between FQDN and simple name.
  • Status: Select initial status


The name of the hostname must match the real hostname - as return by the `hostname` command !!

3. Set some monitoring templates to apply

Click on the "Templates" tab

Zabbix add host - step 03

To get the list of templates, just type template in the search area.

Don't forget to click the "ADD" button!

  • My custom vehco-smartcards includes the Zabbix agent template
  • The Linux OS includes the Zabbix agent template. :)

4. Automatic host inventory

  • Click on the "host inventory" tab
  • Enable the Automatic option.

5. Click "save" at the bottom of the page.