Zabbix server setup - zabbix installation

This page explains how to install Zabbix server.

If you want to configure your Zabbix agent, see Zabbix agent setup

Add Zabbix repository

dpkg -i zabbix-release_2.2-1+trusty_all.deb
apt-get update

Install Zabbix server

apt-get install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php

# install Java Gateway too
apt-get install zabbix-java-gateway

During installation you have to set:

  • MySQL administrator password
  • Allow the automatic DB configuration: reply 'yes to "Configure DB for zabbix-server-mysql with dbconfig-common?"
  • Enter your administrator password
  • Set the MySQL zabbix password. As this will only be used inside a LAN (in my case) I put zabbix as password

The Zabbix server application will now use the MySQL login: zabbix and the password I set earlier (zabbix).


Zabbix server also required some specific SNMP libraries:

apt-get install libnet-snmp-perl python-netsnmp

Install zabbix-agent on zabbix-server

It's recommended to monitor your zabbix-server as well with the other servers. Therefore you should install a local zabbix-agent.

See installation notes: Zabbix agent setup

Set timezone and PHP settings

Edit the configuration file

vim /etc/apache2/conf-available/zabbix

Find the following lines and edit them as follows. If the lines doesn’t exists, add them.

php_value max_execution_time 300
php_value memory_limit 128M
php_value post_max_size 16M
php_value upload_max_filesize 2M
php_value max_input_time 300
#php_value date.timezone Asia/Kolkata
php_value date.timezone Europe/Stockholm

Adjust your timezone !! To get the right value see:

Save and close the file.

Enable Apache2 V.Host

Last step: you have to enable Zabbix configuration

cd /etc/apache2/conf-available/
a2enconf zabbix.conf
service apache2 reload

Restart zabbix server

To restart zabbix you have to restart 2 processes:

  • BACKEND: Zabbix-server
  • FRONTEND: Apache2

service apache2 restart
service zabbix-server restart

Zabbix server # First run

Now you can, at least, run the web-installer.

see Zabbix server configuration


Most of the information comes from the official wiki:

Zabbix official documentation (very good):

Digitial Ocean community - Zabbix tutorial:

Tecadmin tutorial:

Zabbix SNMP configuration: