Zabbix server configuration - core setup

This page explains the core settings you need to set before starting using Zabbix.



If you need to send email, you must have access to an email server or setup an email relay.

You can have a look to:


If you want to have zabbix in a specific language you need to install the corresponding locale. see Languages#Add new language

Server administration

Set the working time

→ Administration menu >> General >> Working time

Zabbix working time

Adjust your timetable. For instance, I'm using 1-5,08:00-18:00;

Set the trigger display

→ Administration menu >> General >> Trigger displaying options

Zabbix trigger display options

>> Set ACK to green color ; disable blinking for OK and ACK.


→ Administration menu >> General >> Housekeeping

By default Zabbix keeps every data for a year. That consumes a lot of memory! In our case we do not have enough space for all that... Here are our settings:

Zabbix housekeeping configuration.png

User management

→ Administration menu >> users >> Users

Zabbix users menu

>> Click on Create user

Set the user settings and user group(s):

Zabbix user creation 1

Go to the Media tab to set the user email and time-table:

Zabbix user creation 2

Group management

Host group

First of all you need to create a new group for your current appliance.

→ Configuration menu >> Host groups >> Create host group

Zabbix create host group

>> You can import template as dependency.

Zabbix create host group 02

Email configuration


→ Administration menu >> Media types >> Email

Zabbix email

Zabbix email 2
  • Set your SMTP (postfix) server IP / name
  • Set your target SMTP server settings []
  • Set your target user name