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Server or workstation How to setup & maintain a Linux server or workstation with basics services.


Core features

Linux core features


Software advanced features

Softwares and languages

Linux main softwares This is the list of programs I advised you to install on your server / workstation.

Core applications core Internet Internet
Utilities utilities Office applications office
Drivers drivers Multimedia 'Survival' multimedia
Network network Graphical 'Survival' graphical
Security security Programming programming
Clean ubuntu Clean ubuntu Photo Photo
Windows emulator Windows emulator Linux games Linux games
Multimedia Multimedia Audio Audio

Laptop battery / fan management

Linux tricks

Completion ignore case

echo "set completion-ignore-case On" >> ~/.inputrc

Apple VM

Apple Mac OS X VM

Ubuntu specifics

Turn off dash online search

Go to “System Settings” >> “Security & Privacy” >> "Search" >> Disable Internet search

Add / Edit unity launcher

Unity launchers are in:

  • All users: /usr/share/applications/*.desktop
  • Specific to the current user: ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop

You can also create some desktop icons in ~/Desktop/*.desktop

See this excellent thread for more details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13758/how-can-i-edit-create-new-launcher-items-in-unity-by-hand

XFCE tricks

assign windows key to open menu

Default shortcut is: CTRL + ESC

  • Click on menu</menu>
  • Click on settings</menu>
  • Click on keyboard</menu>
  • Double click on the shortcut for xcfe4-popup-whisker-menu</menu>
  • Click on windows key