Boot sequence (rc.)

A small reminder regarding the Run Levels in Debian.

Level Purpose Managed by
0 Halt sequence both (OS + user)
1 Single-user mode (for special administration) OS
2 Local Multiuser

also know as "Basic Multiuser"

Local network (loopback is up & all interfaces are registered.

.. But there is NO NETWORK access and services (no NFS, Samba, etc.)

3 Full Multiuser with networking text mode OS
4 Full Multiuser with networking text mode user
5 Full Multiuser with networking graphical mode both (OS + user)
6 Reboot

Then each script as both an execution state and a priority.

  • S => Start script
  • K => Kill script

Scripts are executed in order: from the lower to the highest number = from 00 to 99.


Very good introduction to run levels:

Technical details: