Development tools

Code style Code style

Key tools Key tools (Java, Maven, ...)

IDE configuration IDE configuration

Source control client Source control client

Database Database

Web development tools Web development tools

Application servers and containers A.S and containers

Messaging servers Messaging servers

Continuous Integration

Source control Source control server

Build server Build server

Software quality metrics Software quality metrics

Artifacts hosting Artifacts hosting

Programming languages

Java FX 2 Java FX 2

Spring Spring


Android studio setup Android studio setup

To be done


  • Code
    • Java
    • JEE
    • Spring
    • JMS
    • Maven tricks
    • SQL
    • Other
  • Tests
    • Units tests
    • Integration tests
      • Spring tests
      • DB Unit
      • Arquillian
    • Load tests
  • Architecture
    • Design patterns
    • SOA / ESB
    • Clean code
  • Performances check
    • VisualVM (JMX monitoring of JDK)
  • Methods
    • Scrum
    • Kanban