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Continuous integration Continuous Integration

To achieve "Continuous Integration" you need a set of tools + organizational changes.

This page only describes the tooling aspect.

You need:

  • Source control: SVN, GIT, ...
  • Build system: Jenkins
  • Artifact control: Artifactory, Nexus, ...
  • Project tool: for Scrum dashboard + Bug tracking. You can use software like JIRA, Redmine, ...

Sometimes you might use also:

  • Software quality metrics - this will only check HOW you've done your work ; not if the feature is correct! - Sonar
  • Documentation tools

Source code control


SVN Subversion (SVN)



Build server

Jenkins Jenkins

Advanced stuff:

Software quality metrics

Quality principles Quality principles

Quality policies and enforcement

Sonar Sonatype sonarqube

Sonar setup

Sonar + maven principle

Sonar + maven configuration + Jenkins

Maven site reports

Artifacts hosting

Nexus Sonatype Nexus Open-Source Edition


Nexus Maven configuration