Tomcat linux apt-get setup

This page describes how to setup Tomcat using your O.S repository's package.

♦ Note that the version in the repository is often an old one. For instance, Tomcat8 might not be available yet in the repository.


You must already have a Java Runtime.


Depending on your distribution, you might have a more recent version than Tomcat7. Please check it using apt-cache search tomcat.

# Developer workstation
apt-get install tomcat8 tomcat8-admin tomcat8-common tomcat8-docs tomcat8-examples
# Server
apt-get install tomcat8 tomcat8-admin

On Debian, Tomcat is NOT registered as a service. To overcome this, you can add a symlink for tomcat8:

ln -s /etc/init.d/tomcat8 /usr/bin/tomcat8

Start/Stop Tomcat on boot

To add Tomcat on boot just do:

cd /etc/init.d
update-rc.d tomcat8 defaults

To remove Tomcat from boot just do:

cd /etc/init.d
update-rc.d tomcat8 remove