SSH create key

How-to generate SSH private / public keys

The following settings are based on the ANSSI (French security entity) - 2014/11. See


Create key

1. Log-in with the user you want to use.

2. Generate a pair of authentication keys.

# Generating public/private rsa key pair
ssh-keygen -t ecdsa -b 256 -f username.ssh

Output details

  • username.ssh == private key
  • == public key

Convert OpenSSH key to Windows Putty



You can generate private / public keys with PuttyGen = Putty key generator.

puttyGen first step

When the keys are OK, you have to enter a key pass-phrase. Your pass-phrase must be:

  • long (> 15 characters)
  • hard to guess
  • with letters + signs + numbers


how to choose your passphrase and protect it:

PuttyGen 2nd step

Then, save your keys! You should be the only one to access the save location.



Windows - putty software:

How to transform a SSH key into Windows Putty: