SSH Client

SSH client


Standard login

# syntax
ssh user@server -p portNumber

# example
ssh -p 4422

Using RSA key

Key points:

  • The key must belongs to the current user
  • The key rights must be "500"

Then you can log-in using the following command:

ssh -i Guillaume_OpenSSH.private -p 2200


  • -i myFile = the private key you have to use
  • -p port = specific port number (if not default 22)

X11 forwarding

ssh -X guillaume@nuc-media-center

♦ Note that the remote computer have X11 installed and X11 applications.


You have to use Putty to perform SSH login.

How to add a public / private key in Putty ?

1.Create profile

Putty SSH login step 1

2. Auto-login

Putty SSH login step 2

3. Attach private key

Putty SSH login step 3

4. Save profile

Putty SSH login step 4