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| [[File:Cv.png|128px|caption|CV]] ||       || [[File:Hire me big.png|128px|caption|CV full]]
| [[File:Cv.png|128px|caption|CV]] ||                     || [[File:Hire me big.png|128px|caption|CV full]]
|  [http://daxiongmao.eu/wiki_upload_files/CV/CV_2015_EN.pdf CV 2015 (short)] ||  || [http://daxiongmao.eu/wiki_upload_files/CV/CV_2015_EN_Full.pdf CV 2015 (long)]
|  [http://daxiongmao.eu/wiki_upload_files/CV/CV_2015_EN.pdf CV 2015 (short)] ||  || [http://daxiongmao.eu/wiki_upload_files/CV/CV_2015_EN_Full.pdf CV 2015 (long)]

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Who am I ?


Software developer My name is Guillaume Diaz and I'm software engineer.

I'm specialized in JAVA development & I'm managing the internal IT of my current company.

I've been working in IT and development since 2004, first as a part-time student then as an engineer back in 2010.

I've always been curious and I like to try new things. I guess that's why I'm doing this job! The only constant is my wife. :-)

Even though I'm French, my spouse is Chinese and I'm currently living in Sweden. Therefore I'm quite open to change and challenges!

My mottos:

  • Knowledge is valuable only if it's shared
  • Think as an engineer, test as an user
  • Ce qui se conçoit bien s'énonce clairement - Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément. (L'Art poétique (1674), Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux)

Why this wiki ?!?

I've been using some OpenOffice and MS Word documents as notes for a long time!...

A lot of my friends and colleagues asked me to publish my documents because they were also using it. That's how everything started!

I thought of using a blog, then I realized that a blog is only good when the information doesn't change over time. For my use-case a wiki is much easier to manage. Moreover, the wiki make it possible for anyone to improve the content. That's important!

This wiki is in English because that's a language known by most of the persons that might be interested in my work.

Want to know more ?

You can follow me on:

Who exactly I am ?

You can download my CVs:

CV                CV full
CV 2015 (short) CV 2015 (long)

Feel free to contact me by email if you'd like: