Our history

Our history started in 2007, on October 6th.
Sisi was celebrating her first year in France on the exact same day. Strange isn’t it ?
Main dates

August + September 2007 Virtual meeting over Internet
6 october 2007 Real meeting
After some chat, we finally meet each other. Sisi call me to look after her computer, she thought it was “broken”…
No bug has been discovered, love append instead ! ^^
End of November 2007 Sisi come to live with Guillaume
December 2007 1st family christmas.
This is a big moment: 1st family meal + presentations to all.
During our trip we stopped by to visit the french castles “Chateaux de la Loire”
November 2008 1st trip to China + engagement
Now, it’s up to Guillaume to meet Sisi’s family + enjoy China.
December 2008 Engagement in France
May 2009 Guillaume goes to the USA for a month with its university.
Aout 2009 – Janvier 2010 Erasmus in Sweden [Gothenburg]
January 2010 Trip in Central Europe [Wien, Budapest, Germany – Bavière, Basel]
August 2010 Moving to Lyon
October 22th, 2011 Wedding in China (Kunming)
January 28th, 2012 Official wedding in France (Lyon)
June 2012 Back to french brittany for work.

My new company will send us in Sweden around August / September 2013
May 11th, 2013 Religious wedding in France