SVN server installation (Windows)



Users / groups configuration

  • Open the Visual SVN server application.
  • Open properties

Action > Properties

Windows SVN server 01

  • Click Repositories, adjust “Everyone” rights to Read Only
Windows SVN server 02

  • Add a new user and add 'read / write' permissions to this new user
Windows SVN server 03

Windows SVN server 04

Create repository

standalone use

Right click on “repositories” -> create New Repository

Windows SVN server 05

Enter the repository name and let the server create the default structure for you:

Windows SVN server 06

→ Note the SVN URL. You’ll need it later when you’re gonna setup your project, within the maven pom.

Mirror Google Code

Google provides a free subversion service through its “Google Code” service. However, there’s no quality analysis. … So, in order to provide quality checks we will mirror the google code repository.

Therefore, we’ll be able to perform quality scans.

  • Create a new repository, see previous chapter
Windows SVN server 07

  • Right click on the repository -> All tasks -> Manage hooks
Windows SVN server 08

You have to edit the “pre-revision property change hook” and put the following command:

exit 0

This will check that the execution (synchronization) was successful.

Windows SVN server 09