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IntelliJ requires a Java JDK to work, see Java JDK setup.


Get binaries

Download IDEA IntelliJ from the official website:

Take the IntelliJ Ultimate Edition version.


  • Download the IdeaU-xxx.tar.gz' package
  • Copy the package into your dev directory
  • Launch the application
tar -xzvf IdeaU-xxx.tar.gz
cd Idea-IU-xxx/bin
./ &

First launch configuration

During first launch you'll be ask a bunch of questions. The first are easy, then you'll to configure your environment. Here are my settings:

Tune your IDEA

IntelliJ tune IDEA

Java Frameworks

- J2EE - Hibernate - Grails - GWT - Spring - AspectJ

Build Tools (all)

Web development All but: - HAML - Flash/Flex

Version control - GitHub - Subversion - Git

Test tools - jUnit - TestNG-j - Coverage

Application servers - Application servers view - jBoss - Tomcat and TomEE - Glassfish - JSR45

Cloud ... enable if you use it

Swing ... disable

Android ... enable if you use it

Other tools (all)

Plugin development ... disable

IntelliJ_java_frameworks.png IntelliJ_web_development.png intellij_version_controls.png intellij_test_tools.png intellij_application_servers.png intellij_tune_your_idea.png intellij_featured_plugins.png