Asus Eee Pad transformer TF101

This page explains how to upgrade/reset your Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 to a new Android version.

Installation steps:

  1. Root device
  2. Enable developer mode + USB debugging (optional)
  3. Install TWRP Recovery
  4. Install new Android ROM
  5. Install Google applications

Required Files & links

First of all you need to download the following files:

TWRP backup/restore 2.8.1 for Asus TF101

Android ROM for TF101

Google applications

Device rooting

There are different ways to root your current device. The easiest one is to use a dedicated application such as Baidu Root. ♦ Note that the KatKiss ROM will root your device automatically later on and install SuperSu.

USB debugging

This is an optional step. Do that if you don't have an external SD card or you're just too lazy to use it. ^-^

Android 4.0 and 4.1

  • Settings -> Developer Options -> USB debugging

Android 4.2+

  • Settings -> About device -> tap on the build number 7 times repeatedly (until you are a developer).
  • Settings -> Developer Options -> USB debugging

TWRP Recovery


  • Download TWRP v2.8.1+ zip file (see files section) and put that on your external card.
  • Install TWRP manager (Root) application from Google Play

TWRP manager usage

1st run: execute the application WITHOUT the external SD card.

  1. Grant SU rights to the application.
  2. If asked, let the application patch the system so it can write on the SD card (= click Yes).

You might need to click again on "Apply patch" if you've been redirected to the Settings screen.

2nd run: execute the application WITH the external SD card that has the TWRP zip file.

Go to Settings

  • Make sure the path to your External SD card is valid... It should look like /storage/sdcard1

Click on Menu -> Install

  • Click Add Zip
  • Select the TWRP zip file
  • Open it as File way
  • Click Flash now
  • Reboot device and apply changes...

Install new ROM

Reboot in recovery mode

  • Turn off your tablet
  • Press and hold Volume DOWN + Power
  • Press Volume UP when asked

You should be in TWRP recovery, check the version on the top left corner.

Install ROM

  • Wipe
    • Factory reset (= wipes data, cache and Dalvik)
  • Install
    • From /external_sd, add the following files in order:
    • Apply changes
  • Reboot system

Restore your settings

Now that you have a clean Android System. You need to:

  • Setup Wifi networks
  • Setup accounts sync (Google / email / LinkedIn / 微信 / 微店 / 百度 / ...)
  • Install back your applications. Google play > My Apps > Installed



I always let a reference to the original source article / website / forum in each part.